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Meet Kristin Pasko, Owner of Pink Paws Personalized Pet Care

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I am lifelong animal lover with two energetic Toy Poodles, so I truly do understand how hard it is to find reliable, loving pet care.

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To put it simply: animals are my life. I began helping people with their pets in my neighborhood and found that I really enjoyed it. I realized the need for personalized care when leaving my own pets to travel and found just how concerned I was about the care my dogs received while I was away. I quickly discovered that I was not alone in this worry.

My deep love and passion for animals have motivated me to provide the exact same level of service that I wanted for my own pets. Life experiences determined that I needed to follow my passion; which was to become a professional Cape Cod pet sitter, to give care that was second to none and to provide unconditional love and comfort to beloved pets, second only to their own parents. I have also become involved with animal rights issues and spend time helping our local rescue groups.

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The services which are now provided by Pink Paws are the culmination of my years of experience and the fulfillment of my dream to make a career assisting pets and their owners. Cape Cod Pet Sitting has brought an incredible joy into my life! I love to spend time with well loved pets, and I treat my new best friends as royalty, spoiling them rotten while you are away. I care for them just like you would and it is my promise to consistently provide the absolute best quality care possible, second only to you! I maintain a high level of flexibility in my business as I know that life puts us through situations that are outside of our control. It is important to me that I am able to be there for my clients under these circumstances. My clients are my friends and I hope to build a friendship between my clients and their pets.

No matter how much love, care and affection you give your pets, there are times when you need a helping paw. Whether it’s long days at the office, evening events, business trips, or your well-deserved vacation, I will provide an impeccable extension of your care and affection to ensure your pet’s well being and your peace of mind. I realize how difficult it is to relax when you’re away if you’re worried about the happiness and care of your best friend. As your professional Cape Cod pet sitters, we are here to deliver unparalleled service to people and their pets – providing peace of mind for you and a pleasurable experience for your pet. Your pet will be lavished with affection and personalized attention. We will take the time to discover your pet’s personality and take great pride and pleasure in customizing the visit to fit his or her needs.

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Pink Paws Personalized Pet Care helps pet owners care for their pets by providing Professional In-Home Pet Care including:

Our philosophy and approach are equally simple:

As animal lovers, we are dedicated to their happiness and well-being. We have found that – in both our own experience and in the lives of our clients – a cat or dog is much more than just a “pet.” He or she becomes, in essence, a member of the family. Accordingly, it is our expressed commitment to give your dog or cat the same level of care, attention, and respect we would give our own.

We believe you will find the services provided by Pink Paws Personalized Pet Care far surpass those offered by a traditional kennel, resort or other Cape Cod pet sitters.


We invite you to get to know us better and can’t wait to meet you! Contact us today to get started!